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10/25 Meeting

Salutation to our prodigious boot-lickers, We hope you are all busy tomorrow afternoon .. coming to Physics Team! Experimental will be continuing learning about Aerodynamics, and Theoretical will be going in depth about the (not so) simple pendulum, along with simulating it. For those of you in Theoretical, I know you all have been dying to get the solutions to the Lagrangian Problem Set, and finally, your (salvation) solutions are here! If you lost your problem set, then worry not. Both the problem set and its solutions are online at We have also uploaded the Lecture Notes and Problem Set from the Hamiltonian Mechanics lecture from last Tuesday. Note: more information has been added to the notes, so even if you got a copy, make sure you still check them out. The solutions will likely be posted by the end of the week. Topic Suggestions? - Physics Team Leadership

10/18 Meeting

Our revered constituents, We return to our favorite Tuesday after school activity (sorry debate) after an unfortunate week of loss. Theoretical will be continuing the Lagrangian Mechanics to develop Hamiltonian Mechanics. It's okay if you missed the meeting two weeks ago since the notes will have a quick review of it. The meeting will be in Mr. Paul's Room or 314, which is the same as last week (room numbers are hard). Experimental will be working on some interesting 2D motion problems with some practical application to your lives! They will be meeting in Mr.Lodal's Room or 214, same as last week. You can also get the past problem sets and their solutions on our website . We also want to hear your suggestions for topics, so submit them at . Ever ready to enlighten you, - Physics Team Leadership

NO Meeting 10/11

Hello all, I have some good and some bad news. I'll give the bad news first. There is unfortunately *NO* Physics Team Meeting this week, since there are no activity buses that day (they don't run when there isn't school the next day). Now, for the good news. Since there is no physics team meeting this week, theoretical folks get another week to complete the problem set! You even get the entire of Wednesday off just to try and finish the problem set! If you have any questions, you can email There was a slight error with number 4, so if you want to see the corrected version, its on the website ( under the theoretical tab). The solutions will be posted before next meeting. Again, topic suggestions are nice, and we will do our best to incorporate your ideas. Here is the google form Hope you *don't* come this Tuesday, - Physics Team Leadership

10/04 Meeting

Our beloved associates, We begin this month's school with the highest of points, a physics team meeting! Theoretical will be learning about the Lagrangian Formulation of Mechanics. Be sure to bring your best math skills, as they will be exercised tomorrow! The meeting will be in 312, same a last week (earlier emails had the wrong room). Experimental will be doing a lecture on the principles of modern physics (or maybe the principles behind the principles of modern physics). They will be meeting in 213, same as last week. The website is back online, so you can get past problem sets and solutions there anytime. We also want to hear your suggestions on topics you want us to lecture on. If we can, we will lecture on it in the future! Here is the google form to submit your suggestions . Awaiting your presence, - Physics Team Leadership

09/27 Meeting

Hello all, We hope you are all as eager for tomorrow's physics team meeting as we are! Theoretical will be continuing Special Relativity, so if you have last week's guided activity with your work, then bring it. If you don't have it, then you can always print out anotha' one at on the theoretical page. They will be meeting in 314, same as last week. Experimental will be doing Relative Motion. The website also has under the experimental page the problem set from the first week on 1D motion and its solution. Check with your friends to see who is the best of them all! (I have also attached these as while the website problem is being fixed). They will be meeting in 213, same as last week. We also want to hear your suggestions on topics you want us to lecture on. If we can, we will lecture on it in the future! Here is the google form to submit your suggestions . Hope to see you all there, - Physics Team Leadership

9/20 Meeting

Hello our dear members, The best time of week is upon us (tomorrow after school at 3:30). Theoretical will be deriving the Lorentz Transform using Taylor Series (sorry, if you don't know calculus, then GET OUT (just kidding, you can come if you want, but you probably will enjoy experimental a lot more)). Experimental will be doing dimensional analysis and some interesting uses of it. Our website will have the problem sets and lecture notes, if we have them for that week. Last week's experimental problem set and it's solution will be posted on the site either today or tomorrow. If you have any questions about it, you can feel free to ask Richard or Siddharth. Theoretical will also be meeting on the third floor in 314. Experimental will meeting in 213 as last week. Eagerly awaiting your maleable minds, - Physics Team Leadership

First Meeting of the Year

Hello everyone, The beginning of the school year marks the beginning of another year of Physics Team. Our first meeting will be this Tuesday, September 13th after school (3:30) in room 214. As usual, there are two groups, theoretical and experimental. Theoretical uses a lot of math, so generally theoretical is for upperclassman, and experimental is for underclassman. You can choose to go to either group however. Theoretical will start off by talking about Bose Einstein Condensate, and Experimental will be talking about some interesting 1-D motion problems. There will be candy, for those of you who need sugar. If you know people who would like to receive Physics Team emails, or you would like to unsubscribe to these emails, then email . We hope to see you all there!